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Sucess Wishes

Hi all, 

On behalf of NPA and on my own, I wish you Abraham every sucess in your dream, my especial thanks
goes to Donald Rays Dains, and the lady Diane Marie for their courage to help support such a
important idea, with success of such comes history and you will be remember all through by those
children to whom you are sweating for their future, a mere dream which could be heard of any
son/daughter who dream for his belove country back and rarely heard of many lost boys in diaspora,
i remember hosted Ater back home in NPA camp where i work, and all i saw in him was a huge hope,
he was busy going round, which i thought he just wanted to have a word of bye to his old friends
and relatives \'taraween\' he has dream.

Wish you all best of sucess.
Barnabas Aleer

Poktap, Southern Sudan

Dear Mr. Donald,
It’s nice to hear from you again. I’m sorry to have taken a century to reply your mail. Actually this is due to the fact that i went for one month annual vacation, therefore i was unable to access my mails.
Thanks for your effort to assist and change the lives of the subject. Your concern and general input from the well wishers will at long last deliver the conceived dream of ” a journey of a thousand miles…………..”
I have personally talked to two primary school teachers ( graduates) and assured me that they are willing to be pioneers and ready to accord maximum cooperation towards this project, once it is effected.
Furthermore, i will personally contribute 100 exercise books and 100 pens. I suggest, if possible to be collected from Juba because, now, this will be my new working station with effect from April.
I hope this will find you well, for any further clarification please get back to me as i can now check and reply my mails
Kind regards, please say hi to your family.

Barnai Julius

Lokichoggio, Kenya

Dear Donald,
I hope you are fine.
I take this chance to say congratulation for the birth of this project. I wish you success in every step you take in respect to development and expansion of this Project.

Barnai Julius

Lokichoggio, Kenya

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