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Cow Project

Own a piece of Sudanese cultural artwork!

The cow is an important part of the Sudanese culture and economy. Guided by their parents, Sudanese boys are taught how to sculpt cows out of mud. This teaches them the value of the cow and prepares them for their future work. Many of the Lost Boys went on to tend to real cows in their village before they were displaced by the war.

Now that they are in the United States, the Lost Boys make cows out of clay then fire and glaze them to make a beautiful sculpture. All of the profits from the Cow Project go into a scholarship fund that is distributed directly to the Arizona Lost Boys and Girls every school semester.

The average cow size is 5" x 8", they vary in color and style depending on the artist. The price ranges from $20.00 to $100.00 and can now be purchased. [To learn more contact us.]

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