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Our Mission is to provide the opportunity of an education to disadvantaged children by building sustainable primary and secondary schools throughout southern Sudan.

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"As a native of southern Sudan and one of the lucky few who has achieved his lifelong dream of an education, I have been inspired to return the opportunity to those not so fortunate as I."

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2nd Annual Charity Dinner Event

We would like to thank everyone and express our deepest gratitude to those who made this evening festivity possible.

A special thanks goes out to Gloria Giffords for her inspirational words about the value of education and the importance to lift up those less fortunate who aspire to be educated.

And to our most gracious Hostess Starr and your amazing family, we are humbled by your generosity, warm hearts and kind spirits.

THANK YOU ONE & ALL for making our 2nd Annual Under The Stars Charity Dinner Event a fantastically successful evening!


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